Solving this 3D-printed 22×22 Rubik’s Cube is going to be a nightmare!

22x22 Rubiks Cube_2

Rubik’s Cube is a good enough time pass that will develop your brain cells to make you sharper. However, I never had that privilege as the damn thing is too confusing for me to play around with. To be frank, I broke it into many pieces before I could solve it. Embarrassing, yes I know, but this one makes me nauseate. Holy mother of god, a 22×22 Rubik’s Cube that will make most of you run for cover and never ask of the physical puzzle any time soon.

Coren Puzzles have made a fully-functional 22×22 Rubik’s Cube which has an edge-to-edge length of 200mm and made from 2691 3D printed parts. It took almost 8 months to complete after painstakingly making the core stronger as this Rubik’s Cube has a lot going on and is made from many layers that rotate together or individually. Although the project is up on Thingiverse but I highly recommend you not to go for it for its sheer difficulty and the nightmares it can give you while assembling.

22x22 Rubiks Cube

Now, picture this. The number of possible combinations with this puzzle are 30x30x30,35x35x35,43x43x43 and 49x49x49 which is mind-numbing in itself. So, try and mix it up and then solve it, you’ll be passing out on it I’m sure!

A Rubik’s Cube that is hard to imagine how it was even made. All thanks to 3D printing technology. And even harder is to imagine how one is going to solve it when it is given a good old mixing. Try and set a world record on this one!

22x22 Rubiks Cube_1

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