Red Bull execute a jaw-dropping chain reaction of aerial stunts you’ll never see again

Red Bull aerial stunts

When it comes to adrenaline pumping videos, Red Bull are one of the best in the business with their proactive marketing strategies and organizing stunts which are insane. Not to forget their production crew who manage to capture all these stunts in incredible detail and the editing staff who put the magnificence all-together into one. This has to be one of the most synchronized and well-planned film by Red Bull Air Force who managed to mix airplane, helicopter, base-jumpers and wing-suit flyers into one aerial stunt which is extremely well executed.

Red Bull Air Force consists of some of the best aviation experts on the planet and this video is a testimony to that fact. For this stunt the team headed to Moab, Utah where they performed it in the backdrop of Fisher Towers. To coordinate the stunts Sean MacCormac sitting in an Audi RS 7 driven by Rhys Millen helped a great deal and it took more than 6 months to plan for this dream project.

Chain reaction of aerial stunts that seem impossible and dangerous

The daredevils who put this amazing aerial stunt dubbed ‘Chain Reaction’ together include skydivers/high-speed parachute flyers Jeff Provenzano and Luke Aikins; wingsuit pilots Jon DeVore, Mike Swanson and Andy Farrington; BASE jumpers Miles Daisher and Charles Bryan; and aerobatic plane pilot Kirby Chambliss.

Moab was the ideal location to perform all these stunts in one coordinated move and safety was the priority of Red Bull Air Force team to make sure nothing went against the plan.

Red Bull aerial stunts



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