Don’t come anywhere near this Coke Bottle Gatling firing arrows

The Coke gatling by Joerg Spraov

Joerg Sprave, the DIY weapon specialists well-known for his unique creations is back again with another thumping weapon. A Coke bottle Gatling gun that fires arrows at harrowing speed on its target. Joerg shows how the gun works and how you can also make it at home. Of course you’ll have to get hold of some tools and get down to the task on a weekend, but it’s worth all the effort. Just a word of caution, don’t go out pointing the gun at anyone.

As you can see in the video, Joerg bases the design of this manual Gatling gun on crossbow firing coke bottle DIY. You can call it an improvement, in-fact a major improvement. He makes it a point to use small coke bottles for the design as he uses air power to shoot the bows at maximum velocity. There is a valve which lets the air in and creates pressure to thrust the bow forward. The power is so great that it buries the arrow field tips deep into the target and could only be taken out with tools.

Then he moves to the next step and makes a six shot weapon with six coke bottles having their own valves. He also promises that future design will incorporate some semi-automatic or fully automatic mechanism. Boy that is going to be so interesting. For now watch the weapon in action and be advises we don’t endorse the use of weapons in any way.



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