Drone Racing League is here, have you got what it takes?

Drone Racing League

Drones have gained so much attention in the last couple of years that everyone practically wants one of their own. That craving is now that hard to satisfy as drones come at affordable prices. Now, the next revolution in drone flying is about converting it into a competitive sport, and that is already happening. Drone Racing League announced its inaugural season backed by some huge names and sponsors to show the world what’s coming to them in the years to follow.

This sport is all about precision flying of drones with VR glasses to aid the pilot in seeing what course drone is taking. The organizers are hoping to make the casual sport of drone racing into a competitive sport that will attract audience worldwide. The drones used for the races will be custom-made to ensure high maneuverability and speeds that will make the ones driving them go dizzy.

With one race already done, the sports is all rearing for its second race in an abandoned mall in Los Angeles. All the drones are standardized to maintain competition and the pilots have to hit checkpoints around the stadium to stay in the race and hit the finish line. The drones are geared-up with high-definition cameras which provide live feed to pilots who maneuver them in tight sections with unbelievable accuracy. The same video feed is used to produce the content for audience which is great.

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During the first race at the Dolphin’s stadium, drones achieved speeds of up to 80-90 miles per hour and the course was very competitive for all competitors. It included tunnels, sharp turns and tight sections where checkpoints were the main target. The pilots included drone piloting specialists from U.S., Brazil, Australia and more who arrived in Miami for the competition.

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