UAVs and robots working in harmony – Google’s idea of drone delivery system

Google Project Wing

The idea of drones delivering packages to your porch sounds great, but there are many anomalies too. The chances of someone else fleeing away with the package or the drone injuring your pet. Google wants to solve that and it has been working on a drone delivery system which is much more practical. Google Project Wing has been in works for more than two years now and fresh news came in as the company has been granted patent for it. Notable is the mention of robots that’ll work in conjunction with these drones to deliver the package safely to the owner.

Drone drops the package to wheeled robot for safe delivery

The wheeled robots will have a safe housing for the package to be delivered to a secure drop-off point. To prevent any snatch thefts, the robotic receptacles will have a locking mechanism. Once the drone is detected via the IR sensors on-board, it will direct the drone to drop-off package and then go to the designated address for delivery.

Google Project Wing is going to be introduced in 2017 and it will change the complexion of drone delivery methods adopted by companies like Amazon. Google’s idea is more secure and practical, but managing the costs will be a concern as we are talking about drones and automated robots. That said, it will be interesting to see in the coming months the development on this story. I’m sure Google is going to demonstrate the technology sooner than later.

Via: FastCompany



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