Montar Air Qi Car Mount comes with Qi wireless charging option

WinnerGear Montar Air Qi Car Mount

Going hand-free while driving is always advised and the most distracting thing can be your phone. For that you have car mounts but not all of them can solve your purpose. A new age car mount that you can opt for your car should have wireless charging option because it is all about convenience. Finding charging wires while driving is the last thing you want, and for that very reason you should go for Montar Air Qi Car Mount that works with all Qi charging phones measuring 6” or less.

WinnerGear’s car mount uses patented suction cup base which is the strongest in the industry and it means you can mount in any car, at any time. All you have to do is stick a 3M film tape which can be applied anywhere and the suction base will hold firmly to it. You can attach it on dashboard or anywhere on your windshield too.

To make sure that your phone is not damaged while mounting or un-mounting from the holder, it has rubber pads on top and sides. The mount itself can be moved in any direction and it holds your phone firmly in place. To power-up the Qi wireless charger, a micro-USB cable is used that connects to the cigarette lighter port.

For people who don’t have a Qi wireless compatible phone, it is just a universal mount to hold phone while driving in the car. So, the ones having high-end devices like Nexus 6, Galaxy Note Series etc. would want to have the luxury of wireless charging in their car.

Montar Air Qi Car Mount comes at a price tag of $79.99 and it is shipped by WinnerGear to anywhere in the world. You can also buy it from Amazon for a discounted price of $59.99 a-piece.

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