Tesla Model 3 coming in March, but only in one variant

Tesla Model 3 sedan

Tesla Motors is going to reveal the eagerly awaited Model 3 sedan in March and alongside that we might also see another crossover car debuting by the EV manufacturer. This revelation comes courtesy Electrek who assume that the Model S sedan is going to have two separate version, one is going to be the basic sedan and the other a crossover. Maybe a mixture of Model S and Model X, but only time will tell what’s in stall for electric car lovers. In-fact as I’m writing this, a new update has come-in that Tesla has confirmed the launch of only one car in March not two.

What led Electrek to believe that there were two cars under the wraps ready to be unveiled was the presentation by Tesla in Hong Kong this week. In the presentation there were two cars under the drape and each one of them had a different bodyline under the cover. Maybe it was just a Model S and Model X under digital covers.

Launch of the Model 3 has been in works for a very long time now and Elon Musk wants it to be a mega launch I’m sure. Keeping everything under the ground till the official launch, there is not much known about the Model 3 for now. The only thing that can be safely put on paper is that the EV is going to be in the price range of $35,000 and will be able to go 200 miles on one single charge.



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