Eye-catchy Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch for women, engineered by HP

Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch

Engineering by HP has partnered with luxury brand Isaac Mizrahi to create a smartwatch for women that is going to be irresistible. Adorned with Swarovski crystal framed 42mm round watch face and interchangeable colored leather bands, the smartwatch has analog watch moment which is hard to deny for any buyer. It looks like any normal pretty women’s watch but its smartwatch functions give it that extra appeal. Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch is going to appeal to high-end buyers who want to be very precise about what they choose. And the price is a killer at $249.99 with a few extra dollars for the 5 colored interchangeable leather bands and the custom fit clip on charger.

The water-resistant smartwatch has a subtle OLED digital display which shows basic notifications and activity tracking from your iOS or Android device. You’ll get discrete notifications for e-mails, social media, texts or calendar alerts. Keeping in theme with the Swarovski crystals, the display shows notifications in pure white color. To put it in one sentence, this smartwatch is what every woman would want to sport on their wrist.

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There’s also speculation that second generation Huawei Watch is going to be targeted towards women. It will have 4G cellular capabilities and will run on Android Wear OS. But I doubt if it is going to be as good looking as this one. For looks the Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch is going to be hard to beat, even for the unisex smartwatches currently available.

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