17-year old makes incredible phone controlled BB-8 robot at home

Smartphone controlled BB-8 droid_2

Angelo Casimiro is a 17-year old genius who likes to tinker around with electronics and his recent idea of making a smartphone-controlled Star Wars BB-8 robot is genius. He has made this robot for less than $100 from household items like beach ball and he surely knows how to work with Arduino and Arduino Uno. He is a die-hard Star Wars fan and now he wants to give all his followers a reason to smile with an extensive DIY that will amaze you for its sheer perfection. Moreover the droid is life-sized and you’ll wish it was yours. For that you’ll have to make one for yourself.

The DIY is quite detailed and it makes the Sphero BB-8 toy look downright ordinary. Angelo got help from his father for this project and the father-son duo used the Sphero BB8 as the reference for building this incredible robot. It has independent moving head and body which is great. The magnets do the trick of keeping the droid stable and moving the head over the round body. He also added the voice module which completes the effect of the droid moving freely around a room.

Smartphone controlled BB-8 droid_1

The boy has got the brains of a mature engineer and knows the ins and outs of microcontroller and the way magnets behave. Plus he has a keen eye for design and the BB-8 robot is amazingly realistic.

Source: Instructables



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