Droneboarding is the new idea for a fun weekend in winters


Drones are already in the limelight with Drone Racing League getting all the attention worldwide. But ordinary people in your backyard are coming up with unique ideas to put drones to good use. A new example of that is ‘Droneboarding’ a leisure activity where a powerful drone pulls a kid on snowboard in a snow covered street. Hang on, that is cool folks. The video submitted by Valplushka shows how the thing works and to pull a kid riding a snowboard requires power. For this the user has made a special drone which has 10 minutes of flying time and under peak performance it should at-least go 5 minutes.

The idea is very refreshing but as you can see from the video, the kid is barely cruising on the snowboard being pulled by the drone. Inspiration for this novelty comes from the sport of kiteboarding where the riders catch a wave and ride on snow without any effort. A single drone pulling a full grown human is impossible for now but a fleet of drones can be believed to do this task.

As the user himself explains that you should take this seriously and it is just an idea. But I’m sure someone will come-up with a collection of powerful drones pulling humans one day. For now, just enjoy the video folks.

Via: Mashable



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