Apple is working on long-distance wireless charging for future iPhones

iPhone 7 long distance wireless charging

Apple is not new to wireless charging for its devices. The Cupertino tech giant already uses wireless inductive charging for Apple Watch. Only problem, the Watch needs to sit on a magnetic charging cradle to draw power. To solve the issue and introduce wireless charging to the iPhone 7 and later models, Apple is allegedly working on long-distance wireless charging technology, which should be ready for public use latest by next year.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working actively with partners in the U.S. and Asia to develop this new wireless charging technology. The technique would be more convenient and efficient than current wireless charging methods.

Many high-end Android and Windows Phone devices already feature wireless charging of different standards. But the catch is, despite all the advancements that we have seen in wireless charging over the years, the smartphones still need to sit on/very close to the charging stations to juice up. Moreover, wireless charging is not yet as effective as the good old wired chargers.

Apple, if it succeeds in devising an alternative – which is a way to charge phones wirelessly from a distance, we could be looking at a future where the iPhone would charge while you’re sitting on the couch chatting with your friend and the charger lying somewhere far from you.



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