Stockholm and Tallinn will be the first cites to get 5G network connectivity in 2018

5g network connectivity

While everyone is drooling over 4G network connectivity, two cities are getting ready for 5G connectivity. Stockholm, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia are going to get this privilege courtesy Ericsson and Sweden’s telecom operator TeliaSonera. The service is going to start in 2018 and the users will get high speed network connectivity of 1GB per second. The network will support thousands of simultaneous connections without a hitch. This will take Internet of Things (IoT) to the next level according to Johan Dennelind, CEO of TeliaSonera.

On this development Hans Vestberg, president and CEO, Ericsson added by saying that 5G will be focusing on digitization of industries and IoT along with the obvious benefit to the consumers. Potential applications and benefiting industries could be healthcare where surveillance of patients and remote treatment could be very streamlined. The fact is also supported by a Ericsson Mobility Report that states an estimated 150 million 5G subscriptions by the end of 2021.

Solar drones for 5G network connectivity

On the other side Google is also assuming 5G to be the next internet revolution and is working on a top secret project codenamed Project Skybender. It will have the ambitious target of beaming 5G from solar-powered drones. To beam internet at such high bandwidth requirements, Google plans to use the Millimeter Waves which are capable of doing so at a speed 40 times faster than LTE. The only issue with this technology is the handicap when it comes to short distance beaming as they fade away very rapidly.

For now Google is using a solar-powered drone called Solara 50 developed by Titan Aerospace Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA) dubbed Centaur. The project could also be linked to Project Loon and according to news Google has permission to test the drone-internet system in New Mexico until July 2016.

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Via: TeleAnalysis/Engadget



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