Just in Case you want to record voice calls on your iPhone

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Ever felt the need to record calls on your phone? For any reason, be it problem with your spouse or someone threatening you over the phone? There are any number of reasons for which you might want to record a call so, you’d say phone recording software is a good option but it has a large set of limitations and impracticality. That is the reason why an Israel-based firm has developed an iPhone case which has independent call recording features. With Just in Case JIC case you can stop and resume call recording feature anytime you want. The accessory can be important for journalists, undercover agents, spies and other people with such intentions.

The colors of this case are very loud and might attract attention, but it will serve a very good purpose if you desperately need to record calls from the other end. It has to be noted that call recording without the consent of other party has its legal implications in 12 US states and you need to use your discretion before venturing out on doing any such activity.

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That said, the iPhone case is up on Indiegogo for funding and it has been liked by users who have helped it cross the flexible goal of $25,000. This case works independent of your iPhone’s function and to capture the voice of person on the other end of phone and your voice, microphones are placed strategically in the case.

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All the recording will be saved to a 2GB microSD card which can be inserted in the slot provided. You can swap this card with your own microSD card and expand the possibility of storing long calls and even the log files with time stamps.

Just in Case iPhone case

Just in Case iPhone case can be pre-ordered right away for a cool price of $40. The case will come in five color options – red, yellow, green, blue, blue and black. If I had to choose one I would go for the black one to attract minimum attention and keep all the buttons hidden from prying eyes.

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