Japanese kid gets a 3D printed hand thanks to mom’s herculean effort

Seigo 3D printed hand

3D printed prosthetics have gifted many kids around the globe a new lease of life which is great for humanity. The kind of costs involved in making 3D printed prosthetics is far economical to the more hardcore prosthetics which are almost out of the reach of many people. One such company that has been helping kids with new economical prosthetics is e-NABLE and their first such initiative was helping Liam, a South African boy with missing fingers back in 2013. Incidentally, Yukako from Japan came across the story and found out that her son Seigo had a similar hand to the boy. Thankfully she decided to go for the 3D printed prosthetic hand and since then Seigo has been having a good time with the new artificial hand.

Seigo 3D printed hand_1

Yukako figured out that e-NABLE provided the 3D printing files for the prosthetic but to her mazement she could not find anyone who knew how to print them. So, she took help from a 3D printing company to do the job with minor improvements to assist Seigo’s needs. That however cost her $1,500 for the task. Seigo was able to hold objects and throw ball but still the design didn’t satisfy her. IT was heavy and broke easily with the need to be fixed by an expert.

Seigo 3D printed hand_2

Yukako then contacted e-NABLE directly and the company decided to make a new 3D printed hand for the little boy. And they it very well with a lighter and more flexible 3D printed prosthetic hand design. The new artificial hand is based on e-NABLE’s Cyborg Beast design and now Seigo is able to do complex tasks with the new hand.

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