Custom-build Batmobile Casket for ailing kid that’ll put you to tears

Batmobile Casket for Andrew Peck

Christmas last month was very festive and there was a lot of stuff that we came across since we are the geeky lot. There were DIY’s and other gadgets which make Christmas a lot more special. One of the things we always like to write about are gifts from loved ones to their kids. But why are we talking about Christmas right now? Because we missed this gift from a grandmother to her special grandson.

Although it might bring a tear to your eye, but making a boy feel special knowing he is not going to survive for long is indeed special. 10-year-old Andrew Peck from Portsmouth, Ohio is suffering from a rare brain disorder ‘leukodystrophy’ and eventually it is going to be fatal for the boy.

Batmobile designer George Barris laid to rest in Batmobile coffin

Annette Peck contacted Trey Ganem who craft custom caskets and donate them to families as a way to console them in difficult times. This story was touching enough for the bearded dude to make a custom Batmobile Casket for the boy to rest in peace when the sad moment finally arrived.

Batmobile Casket for Andrew Peck_1

According to Andrew’s grandmother, she believes the kiddo would want something like this to rest in peace, he wouldn’t want to lay down in a piece of box. He would want a Batmobile for his final ride and go away in style. Andrew is a big fan of Batman, Captain America and all other superheroes. From birth the kid was very active but the ailment took its toll and from being not able to walk now he is wheelchair ridden and the situation is worsening.

This has to be the saddest story ever told and imagine what the family might be going through. All I can say with a lump in my throat, Andrew you are a superhero and you’ll go into the god’s lap in style kiddo!

Via: NYPost



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