The cheapest and lightest exoskeleton suit guaranteed for worldwide acceptance

Suitx exoskeleton

Exoskeletons have come as a boon for paraplegics but most of them come at sky rocketing price that everyone cannot afford. Berkley-based company SuitX is about to change that notion with its $40,000 exoskeleton dubbed Phoenix. This exo-suit was designed for BMX bike rider Steven Sanchez who met with an accident and is paralyzed from waist down. The story imitated when Sanchez walked into SuitX’s office and after half-an-hour he came out in an exoskeleton which costs almost half that of other exoskeletons in the market like ReWalk.

Less cost doesn’t mean that the Phoenix exoskeleton is any less capable. In-fact it is the lightest one in its category at 27 pounds. That is the total weight of suit and the battery pack which powers it up for 8 hours in one go. Wearer is able to control the movement of each leg and propels at 1.1 miles per hour with the integrated buttons in the crutches. Plus the added advantage of it being a modular suit means suitability to any kind of paraplegic person.

To keep track of the person’s spinal cord injuries, this suit sends the data over to a connected app. This helps in preventing the aggravation of existing injury and prevent other injuries which might accompany due to long hours of sitting.

The next step for Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory at the University of California is to make a version for children who require walking training and are at more risk of losing mobility. According to experts Phoenix exoskeleton will be the most widely adopted mobility suit which has clinically proven features and within reach price.

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