Google ready for testing self-driving car in rainy conditions of Washington

Google self-driving cars

Google’s self-driving car project has been under development, testing and improvement for a long time now and the internet giant wants to make it 100% full-proof before even thinking of rolling it out for commercial use. One thing that Google haven’t demonstrated so far is their self-driving car’s ability to drive in adverse conditions like rain or snow. However, Ford have been proactive with their self-driving car which they tested in snowy conditions. Most probably this has prompted Google to test its self-driving cars with over 1.4 million miles to prove their metal in rainy conditions.

Rain and snow are going to pose a new challenge for Google’s autonomous cars

Google is going to test the autonomous cars in rainy conditions of Kirkland, Washington which is going to be the third city in U.S. to do so. This Northwest city gets a lot of rain and is the ideal choice for Google to test the self-driving cars in not so good weather conditions. The place also gets its share of snow, so Google will be well served to test it in such conditions too.

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This is going to be more challenging than ever for the autonomous cars as the place is a bit hilly and has curves. This poses more challenge as the sensors and cameras will have to deal with reflections, glare, obscured vision and may more handicaps. Moreover, hilly terrain means the positing of the sensors and cameras will have to be dynamically toggled.

For now Google is going to test a prototype self-driving car that is a modified hybrid Lexus SUV and soon the customary smaller prototypes will follow suite. The choice of this place could also be influenced due to the lenient regulations for self-driving cars.

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Credit: SeattleTimes/TheGuardian



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