Australian artist hand-builds iconic Millennium Falcon from wood


For all Star Wars fans, an Australian woodwork artist Martin Creaney has built a highly detailed wood version of the iconic sci-fi ship. Martin, who has previously build various Star Wars memorabilia’s including a X-Wing Fighter, R2D2, and an AT-ST Walker, this time around, inspired by a toy model of the ship bought 10 odd years back, has hand-built the iconic Millennium Falcon from more than 3,000 individually carved wood pieces.


Initially, Martin wanted to build the vessel from Medium-density fiberboard (MDF), but since it would require to be painted, the detailing would hide. He therefore decided to carve the amazing ship using real timber. Though, the frame is constructed from MDF the body is chiefly made of differently sourced wood; the carving however is largely done on timber.


The completed wood Millennium Falcon measures 6-foot long and almost 5-foot in width. Currently on display in Martin Creaney’s workshop, the ship reveals Martin’s artistic skills to the fullest.




Via: PopularMechanics



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