Two mechanics build world’s fastest mobility scooter


Crazy inventor Colin Furze is certainly not an inspiration for many (thanks to all the bizarre and scary things he makes), but who knew his crazy record setting mobility scooter (that clocked 71.59 mph) would become an inspiration for the world’s fastest mobility scooter ever made. Drawing inspiration from Furze’s scooter, two mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine from Isle of Man built a vehicle that normally does 10 mph, into the fastest mobility scooter that broke into Guinness World Records clocking 173.16 km/h (107.6 mph).

David and Mathew had to beat Klaus Nissen Petersen’s record of 133.04 km/h (82.67 mph) set in 2012. With Mathew in the driver’s seat, the duo was able to ride the scooter to a record shattering speed at Jurby Motodrome in Isle of Man.


According to Guinness World Records guidelines, to enter record books, the modified scooter was supposed to be based on commercially available mobility aid, its engine could be replaced but from the outside it should look like a traditional scooter. The David and Mathew’s scooter is based on Days Strider mobility scooter, features made to fit go-kart chassis with Suzuki 600cc Bandit engine and go-kart tires.



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