Google to launch new virtual reality headset in plastic body

Google virtual-reality headset

Going into 2016, virtual reality is going to be of great interest to all tech companies and most geeks out there. The inexpensive Google Cardboard, introduced back in 2014, has somehow made virtual reality headsets accessible to random users, but it has its own limitations. According to a report on Financial Times, Google Cardboard, which comprises cardboard housing, a pair of lens stuck up together with Velcro, could soon be released as a new VR headset in a better, stronger plastic housing with more support for VR programs built directly into Android OS.

According to the report, new Google Cardboard will be more robust and more effective in VR production. The plastic Cardboard will certainly feature improved sensors and lenses, but just like the first version, it will rely on the connected smartphone for processing and picture quality. The Google’s new VR offering will also work with all Android and iOS smartphones like its predecessor, and will support smartphones over 6-inch size (which is limited to 6-inch is Google Cardboard).

Google has an annual developer conference scheduled for mid May 2016. Considering the new Google Cardboard is to be released this year, we presume, Google could announce the new VR headset at the conference.



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