Elasco Panoramic racing simulator enthralls crowd at Delhi Auto Expo 2016

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At the Delhi Auto Expo 2016 International as well as local auto manufacturers showcased their vehicles. Along with the cars, bikes, buses and trucks the auto show had its share of technology with augmented reality headsets adding to the flair. At the Maruti Suzuki section I experienced motion racing simulator by Elasco, a Czech company that manufactures electronic components for industrial automation. The company sells motion platform devices and it was good to see them at the expo.

From the many racing simulators they manufacturer, 4DOF Extreme 4×4 Panoramic racing simulator was at the Delhi Auto Expo 2016 and it was my time to be in the hot seat for a lap of glory. The simulator has all the racing car controls like pedal gear shift and the customary steering, accelerator, clutch and brake. Three 27” LED displays create the panoramic view as you sit back in the profi race seat holding on tight to the Elasco based sport wheel.

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The racing simulator is capable of emulating up to 2G force in dynamic overload mode and static overload of up to 0.5G. That means you have a lot of physical forces going on as you take the sharp turns or overshoot the corner and try and get back onto the track. Same is true while breaking in high speed sections which throw you forward. All the movement comes courtesy 4 moving legs which simulate the motion of a moving car. The kind of terrain you ride is also simulated in the experience which gives you the feel of being in a racing car.

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I experienced circuit racing on the simulator and its possibility spans across rally racing with sports cars, formula-1 or special monoposts on loads of real and virtual tracks. Overall the racing simulator felt good and thanks to the Elasco crew at Auto Expo, I managed to put together a review for the same.

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