Google Lens: Interchangeable lens add-on increases Google Glass field of view

jibo_he_lens_for_google _glass

Google Glass might have been pulled down from the market primarily because it failed to impress many by its limited field of view, but that hasn’t stopped researchers at the Wichita State University Kansas, United States, to device ways in order to enhance Google Glass’ workplace applications. To give Glass’ limited field of view a valuable push, researchers Jibo He, Barbara Chaparro and graduation student Long Wang have developed Google Lens. Google Lens is basically an optical lens which can enhance camera view of Google Glass from 54.8 degrees horizontally and 42.5 degrees vertically a dramatic 109.8 degrees horizontally and 57.8 degrees vertically.

Google Lens is a simple add-on, an attachment, which clips onto the arm of the Google Glass frame right above the camera. It is an accessory that features interchangeable lens to make room for wide angle lenses as and when necessary. Google Lens thus works as a remedy to the bottleneck of Google Glass by enhancing its field of view and professional application.

According to Jibo He,

By bringing more into the view of the Glass camera, Google Lens could open up possibilities for workplace applications.



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