Anicorn Series K452 watch replicates planetary moment to display time

Anicorn Series K452 watch_2

Hong Kong-based watch brand Anicorn takes inspiration from the astronomy for its timepieces and their latest iteration of a watch pays tribute to the Kepler-452b, an exoplanet discovered by NASA’s Kepler & K2 project. Anicorn Series K452 has hour, minute and second discs which overlap each other in a 3-layer surface to signify the orbital moment of planetary bodies. The watch has a very unique mechanism to check out current time, where the outside disc shows the hour and inner discs signify minutes and seconds. A reference point on top of the watch shows the time in a geeky way and does away with hour, second and minute hand.

The watch requires no battery source as it is powered by Miyota Calibre 9015 which charges up with the natural moment of hand, but you can wind it by turning the crown clockwise too. To signify the discovery of Kepler-452b exoplanet, this watch has a transparent case back. Also, the watch has a bold 316L stainless steel body which emulates the outer shell of the NASA’s spacecraft. The straps are easily interchangeable between leather and the stainless steel one.

Anicorn Series K452 watch

Anicorn Series K452 is up on Kickstarter for funding and no wonder it has already crossed the funding goal with more than 3 weeks still to go. Maybe, a good omen to preorder yours for $329 on the crowd-funding platform with estimated delivery date of September 2016. The watch will come in four color combinations.

Anicorn Series K452 watch

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