Life-sized BB-8 droid recognizes your voice commands, coming this fall for $180

Spin Maters BB-8 droid

It is undeniable that Angelo Casimiro’s homemade smartphone-controlled Star Wars BB-8 robot can be replicated, but we might see a purchasable BB-8 droid debut at the upcoming 2016 New York Toy Fair. Toronto-based toymaker Spin Master is speculated to come-up with a life-sized version BB-8 droid at the event. The 16-inch tall Star Wars toy will be pitted directly against the smartphone-controlled Sphero BB-8 droid which can also be gesture-controlled with Force Band wearable. However, it may not come with the option of being controlled with a smartphone, it will still be a treat to play around with, controlled with a remote control or voice commands.

Spin Maters BB-8 droid_2

Controlling the droid with voice-command makes sense as it makes you feel like Luke or Rey. You can make it roll over, follow you like a companion or simply respond when you call its name. The BB-8 droid will also come with light and sound effects, just like in the movie Stars Wars: The Force Awakens. The toy will be controlled with an equally good remote control with a joystick to actuate the direction and speed control and rolling motion buttons.

Spin Maters BB-8 droid_1

With all the features to make it an irresistible toy to own, the RC BB-8 droid will directly compete with Sphero. However, you’ll have to wait till fall 2016 to get your hands on this cute little bundle of joy as Spin Masters won’t be releasing it earlier than that. Don’t also count out the probability of a holiday season release. The toy will cost around $180 which is more expensive than Sphero, but hey, it is a life-sized replica of the droid shown in movies, plus it can be your lovable companion too.

Via: InsideTheMagic



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