Levitation bionic knee brace gives you added boost to perform better

Spring loaded technology Levitation bionic knee brace

Spring Loaded Technology’s Levitation bionic knee brace

Who would turn-down the option to get superhuman like boost while walking running, working-out or simply crouching? Practically no one, if it comes at an acceptable price. Spring Loaded Technology, the developer of Bionic Knee Brace which is primarily targeted for use in special operations has launched the commercial version of the prototype on Indiegogo, and surprisingly the funding goal has been achieved in just one day. Levitation is a light-weight bionic knee brace which stores energy when you bend the knee and releases it when you straighten it. The brace provides you with power that makes you feel 50-100 pounds lighter or in other words you can do more with this knee brace on.

The commercial version will enhance your capability during play, while walking/climbing stairs or taking a stroll in the park; especially for people with some kind of knee problem. After testing out quite a number of prototypes, the makers have come-up with Levitation knee brace made from carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum. That means more strength while keeping the overall weight of the brace down to just 2 pounds.

Bionic knee brace with spring loaded technology releases energy when you straighten your legs

Compared to exoskeletons which come at a considerably high price, this knee brace is easy to use and is ideal for people with injury or ones who want to protect their knees against one. For example paragliders or wingsuit jumpers would benefit highly with the Levitation knee brace on.

Provides your knee extra protection, strength and rehabilitation

Provides your knee extra protection, strength and rehabilitation

The retail market for Levitation is expected to be $2,500 and you can get it for as low as $1,200 on Indiegogo. Thankfully, the bionic knee brace is going to be 80% reimbursable under medical insurance plans, so it is the best thing to have for people with knee injury.

Via: VentureBeat



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