This is not a scene from Star Wars, it’s actually a homemade Imperial Shuttle drone

Homemade Imperial Shuttle drone

Star Wars fans have already seen the flying R2-D2, Millennium Falcon and X-Wing which fly like a drone in the sky. Now, this is the real deal. A flying Imperial Shuttle (a.k.a Lambda class or Shuttle Tydirium) Drone with retractable wings which is as convincing as the one shown in the movie. DIYer and aviation expert Adam Woodworth has made a flying Imperial Shuttle that takes flight in the most unusual, yet fascinating manner. The secret of this gravity defying flight is a technique which uses printed paper and foam.

The DIY is quite easy and you’ll be startled by its simplicity. Keeping the weight of inner shell to the minimum means less power required to fly the thing around. Moreover it ensures more flexibility in turning. Leaf spring made from carbon sticks make for the main elements of the wings which help them get over center and with help of gravity the thing comes to life. These wings are controlled with servo motors which actuates the flight path.

To complete the effect of a flying Imperial Shuttle, Adam incorporated single blue LED light to lighten-up the painted engines. Other electronics help the drone fly around with accuracy and I can’t get over its slow flight mechanism which looks exactly like a spaceship exploring the galaxy. Wow is the word for that. Well done Adam!

Homemade Imperial Shuttle drone

Homemade Imperial Shuttle drone_1

Source: RCGroups Via: Gizmodo



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