Fly this drone from anywhere in the world without hitch

Rook Drone

One major limitation of flying drones is their handicap to be operated form a remote location. You need to be within certain range to operate the UAV’s and that jinx is just about to break. Rook is the world’s first drone which is capable of being controlled from anywhere. You can use it for a multitude of tasks like surveillance, operating in inhospitable conditions or having a look at what your pets are up to. The drone is connected via cloud with your smartphone which can be scheduled for flight, remotely from practically any location in the world.

Rook drone is up on Indiegogo for funding and as the project page describes, the drone is going to have more improvements like voice-command flight, connectivity with smart homes and programming for custom use in homes, offices or enterprise locations. They have also focused on the use of Rook drone indoors which can be used for a lot of tasks like baby-watching, checking of you turned off the gas or locked the doors.

The drone can be controlled remotely with your iOS or Android smartphone via a compatible app. All you need to ensure is that the drone is within WiFi range at all times. Early bird offers to grab Rook drone for yourself start from $99 and going upwards. However, you have to consider that streaming data on the cloud might cost you certain amount in the future. The retail version will cost around $200-$250 and if you like it, now is the right time to pre-order one for yourself.



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