Can you help Mr. Ben get a robust 3D printed leg?

Mr Ben cockatoo gets 3D printed leg

This sweet little bird named Mr. Ben, a cockatoo who had a hard time standing on the perch or sleeping owing to a missing leg. His owner Lorraine Hollingworth wasn’t quite sure how to get over this problem able help came from 3DPrintUK, a London-based 3D printing service. The 3D printing company were more than eager to help the poor bird and therefore requested Lorraine to send mould of Ben’s legs so that they could get the artificial claw perfect to fit.

3DPrintUK’s team created a peg-shaped plastic leg for the bird and it quite liked the new body part, although it was artificial. Ben could sleep after that without falling on the side and do other activities which were limited by its birth defect in the leg. But one day Hollingworth found that the bird had chewed the 3D printed leg and had it in his mouth. The situation was back to square one again.

Mr Ben cockatoo gets 3D printed leg_1

The team designed another prototype which is more robust but the owner is sure the curious cockatoo is going to chew that off too. Mr. who is just 8 years old and as we know that cockatoo’s can live for almost 80 years, he’s sure to get a final 3D printed leg which will fulfil all his needs. And that too without any way of getting it off or chewing it to pieces.

Maybe you guys can suggest a 3D printed leg design which won’t be easy to chew or take-off. Mr. Ben would be more than happy with that favor.



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