De Bethune Dream Watch 5 looks like nothing from this planet

De-Bethune Dream Machine 5 Meteorite Watch

When we talk of niche watches that are completely different form the league, the first name that comes to mind is MB&F. Closely competing with the Swiss giant is De Bethune, the maker of luxury watches. They have come up with a meteorite spaceship-themed timepiece based on the original Dream Watch 5 which is going to be a one-off tourbillon concept. De Bethune DW5 watch looks ultra-futuristic and makes you believe it is a real meteorite spaceship right on your wrist. Just one look at the design and you’ll want to have one on your wrist.

De-Bethune Dream Machine 5 Meteorite Watch_1

There is extreme attention to detail in this watch which is evident from the large crack right in the middle. De Bethune Dream Watch 5 infuses the casing design and main dial perfectly into one and its color is just so irresistible. To put it straight, the timepiece looks from another world and has an appeal which puts in you in a different mind frame.

De Bethune has chosen a specially crafted blue stone for this watch’s design which is perfectly complimented by an eye-catchy ruby-capped crown which as a real diamond inside it. The timekeeping of this watch is quite simple with two discs indicating hours and minutes. There is an orb moon phase indicator which indicates the moon phase by making a complete revolution in 29.5 days.

DW5 has a power reserve of 4-6 days and an escapement system having silicon balance wheel in 18k white gold exterior completes the design.

This watch has to be the one of the most inspiring in holographic designs and a price tag of CHF 450,000 is worth it.

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