Bond movie-inspired condom dispensing belt only Japanese can think of

Zero One Belt for dispensing condoms

Japanese do have real guts when it comes to making niche products everyone else would ditch even before thinking. The oddity continues with a belt that is most likely going to be a saver when it comes to impressing your girl. A bizarre yet useful belt that has a condom dispensing mechanism which sets into action as soon as you say the magic word “Zero One” in your smartwatch. Developed by Okamoto, Japan’s leading condom manufacturer in collaboration with Lovers Laboratory, the Zero One Belt aims to promote safe sex in the country.

The prototype is developed after much research about the use of condoms and how youngsters are shy about carrying them openly in their pocket. That very thought prompted Zero One team to come-up with a stylish and full-proof condom dispensing method.

Zero One Belt for dispensing condoms

Although the current prototype looks quite bulky, developers will figure out a way to make it more practical. That said, the commercial video looks a bit exaggerated and funny in some instances. Japanese never seize to amaze me with their innovation and wit!

Via: RocketNews



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