Smokin’ cool ATtiny85 Ring Watch destined to be a fashion gadget

ATtiny85 Ring Watch

Wearable tech is the trending future that is upon us and the race for developing irresistible wearables is on. Major electronics manufacturers are already making inroads in this potentially winning technology, but don’t count out start-ups and DIYers who have a lot to offer when it comes to creating the next revolutionary product. Instructables user [陳亮] (Chen Liang) has developed a wearable ring watch which looks absolutely cool and with a bit of funding could make it through to being a winning product.

ATtiny85 Ring Watch_2

Running on an ATtiny85, the ATtiny85 Ring Watch displays time, temperature and battery status on an OLED display. The wearable is made from a 3D printed body and Chen has learned from his past experience of making an Arduino-powered ring watch. Chen promises to improve the design of this wearable overtime and it would be safe to say that he is going to incorporate smartphone connected features in it.

ATtiny85 Ring Watch_1

Thankfully, Chen has been generous enough to provide the 3D printed design and other files on Thingiverse. The make process has also been detailed on Instructables, so you can make your own Ring Watch which will attract attention no matter what. A good weekend project is what this DIY is going to be.

Via: 3Ders



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