MWC 2016: Samsung Gear 360 camera promises immersive VR content creation

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Alongside Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung revealed the Gear 360 camera at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. The camera comes with 360 degree shooting capability for immersive images and videos. To keep things simple on the outside, this dual lens spherical camera has tiny PMOLED screen, minimalist menu, record and power buttons. There is a swappable battery which is accessible from a small opening on the back side. You can shoot 30MP spherical photos and videos at a maximum resolution of 3840×1920.

Samsung Gear 360 camera is fully compatible with Gear VR and Galaxy S7/S7 Edge to create eye-popping VR content. To make sure you have enough space to save all your 360 degree content, the camera comes with microSD card up to 128GB supported. Each of the lenses has 195-degree field of view which are stitched together by the software to form one consistent image/video. The camera weighs just 5.4 ounces, thereby making it a good accessory for 3D content creator.

Samsung Gear 360 camera is going to be touching a speculated price tag of $500 which is quite a lot, but balances with the features it has. Watch some of the immersive VR content created by Samsung Gear 360 below.

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Samsung Gear 360 camera



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