MWC 2016: Sony Xperia Ear is your intelligent voice-assistant on-the-go

Sony Xperia Ear Bluetooth earbud

Sony has dropped down to outside the top 10 bestselling smartphone brands and to rectify that has come up with the Sony Xperia series smartphones. Alongside the Xperia Series phones announced at Mobile World Congress 2016, Sony also gave a glimpse of its Xperia Ear voice-assistant earbud which is something new to the tech world. Seeming more like an adaptation of the earpiece shown in movie ‘Her’, the accessory is your Siri or Cortona in the ear.

Sony’s in-house developed voice-assistant provides the user with audio notifications about missed calls, weather alerts, appointments or social-media alerts. Not only that the earpiece quickly responds to voice commands for any search queries and provides audio feed on them.

Minimalist design and productivity enhancing gadget for tech savvy generation

All you have to do is tap a button on the side and wait for the audio prompt, thereafter utter your command for assistance on any topic. The earpiece comes handy while driving for directions thanks to integration with Google Maps. It fits inside your ear just like any other Bluetooth earpiece and lets you go on about your daily tasks while giving you able assistance whenever needed.

Sony Xperia Ear Bluetooth earbud_1

The earpiece has a soft silicone insert for comfort and good built quality which is good to sport thanks to its stylish look. Sony claims that it is good for four hours of talk-time in voice call mode. To make charging on to go easy, this device comes with a case which has a small battery into which you can slot it and charge. The battery itself can be charged via USB and gives three times charging power for the earpiece.

Sony Ear will be out for purchase in the coming months and don’t be surprised if it comes with a new name. There is no word on the pricing yet but we can expect some insight on that soon.



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