Woodworker creates this intimidating drill-powered bulldog

Drill powered bulldog

Master woodworker Izzy Swan surprised me with his drill-powered Walking T-Rex and Walking Machine in the last spring. Now, he is back again with a drill-powered creature which I must admit is not that cool as compared to the T-Rex, but a good weekend project if you have a good bend towards DIYs. A drill-powered bulldog walking the streets while looking funny and intimidating from different perspectives. Apparently Izzy used Bosh power tools to create and the drill itself is Bosh’s too.

Creating all these niche DIYs under the name Think Woodworks, Izzy I one chap you want to be around for his sheer though on such creative ideas. Izzy considers this to be his best builds and is thankful to his buddies for able help during the making.

Will the cats have a nightmare at the sight of this creature? I bet they will!



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