How Atlas Robot reacts after being brutally tortured

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot humanoid

Alphabet owned Boston Dynamics has been very robust in development of its robotic machines of the future. Not only do they seen to be going in the right direction, the robotics giant has so far developed a fleet of robots which are superior in their own rights. One of them is the Atlas humanoid robot which is by far the most advanced humanoid you’ll ever get to see. Over the last couple of years this humanoid has undergone nifty improvements and now thanks to the team at Boston Dynamics, it can lift heavy loads like a laborer and also pick itself up after being pushed down in a mob. Much like the company’s Spot Robotic dog who balanced itself after being kicked brutally.

Boston Dynamics has released a new video showing the enhanced capabilities of Atlas robot. Last time around we saw it running in a thick forest like a US Marshall after thugs, and then its other side when it was cleaning a room. Now, the 5’9” tall and 180 lbs version of Atlas designed for agile tasks indoors as well as outdoors really surprises me. It has the ability to balance legs and body while avoiding obstacles using the LIDAR and stereo sensors in its head.

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot humanoid_1

The new version does away with wires and you can see it walking freely without any problem. As you can see in the video, Atlas opens the door of Boston Dynamics office in Massachusetts and walks on an irregular snow surface outside. Then you see it lifting 10 lbs of weigh and putting it at the designated locations. Thereafter you see the real balancing capabilities when it is pushed to the ground and it gets up again.

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