Macaw receives world’s first 3D printed titanium beak, gets second chance at life

Gigi the Macaw gets 3D printed titanium beak

Gigi the Macaw gets 3D printed titanium beak

Gigi, a bright blue and yellow Macaw was found in a captivity in Brazil, having severe damage to its beak which meant difficulty in eating. This would seriously lower its chances of receiving nutrition and luckily for Gigi as team of veterinarians from the Animal Care Center Ipiranga in São Paulo came to her rescue. They created a 3D design of the bird’s beak and with help from facial reconstruction specialist Cicero Moraes and veterinary dentist Paul Miamoto, Gigi received the world’s first 3D printed titanium beak.

Tough beak that is similar to the original one

Tough beak that is similar to the original one

The 3D printed beak is manufactured by specialists at the Renato Archer Technology and Information Center (CTI). Titanium is the choice of material for the beak as macaw’s beak is very tough and hard. Creating it from plastic would not make much sense as the bird would damage it very quickly. Also titanium is lightweight, rust-proof and has proved its worth in human prosthetics. So why not a bird have a titanium beak. To add a bit of style to the 3D printed beak, it is attached with colored screws that look like rhinestones. I bet all other macaw’s are going to be jealous of this bird.

Surgeons operating Gigi's beak

Surgeons operating Gigi’s beak

After getting it 3D printed, the next step was to surgically implant it on the bird and this is where Center for Research and Screening of Wild Animals (CEPTAS) at Unimonte University came in. The surgery was according to plan and only after few days Gigi is able to eat food on her own.

Since Gigi has lived in captivity her whole life, caretakers are looking for good adoption options from a zoo or individuals who are caring.

Before and after images of the beak

Before and after images of the beak

Via: 3DPrint Images: Cicero Moraes



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