iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro case with embedded charging cable on the back

Soso case charger for iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro_2

Whenever you buy a new smartphone or tablet one thing that you instinctively look for in the package is charging cable. To keep your phone juiced up at all times you need to carry these charging cables with you which can be a hassle at times, especially when you have an ultra-busy lifestyle. So a phone/tablet case with charging cable embedded into it won’t be a bad option at all. This is Soso Charge Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus and iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini/2/3/4 designed to solve half of your woes with a USB charging cable embedded in the back of the case itself.

The project is up on Indiegogo and looking to achieve a flexible funding goal of $25,000 with almost a month still left to go. Idea of a USB charging cable sounds good for people who are always in a hurry and most of the times forget their charging cable at home. Now they won’t, as the charging cable is attached to the case itself. This serrated cable is arranged in a rectangular labyrinth like format in the case and whenever needed it can be taken out for charging the device.

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These case covers are made from polyurethane material to guard against any accidental bumps or scratches. If you go for the ones designed for iPad, it has a flip cover which doubles as a stand for watching multimedia content or having an ergonomic positioning while typing on external keyboard.

If Soso Case Charger is your thing, you better get one for your iPhone or iPad. The case for iPhone 6 Plus comes at a reasonable $20 while the iPad case costs a tad more at $25 a-piece.

Soso case charger for iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro



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