Rolling BB-8 robot with hand-cranked Lego base could be yours one day

Rolling Lego BB-8

We all love Star Wars BB-8 droid don’t we? The Sphero toy gave us a reason to enjoy weekends drooling over the cute little thing and the fun just never ends. Now, two geeky boys give us a reason to want another BB-8 that is going to be so cool. Mark Smiley and James Garrett have made a BB-8 which rolls in its position with a rolling Lego base made from Lego components of a standard set. The mechanism is hand-cranked which makes the BB-8’body roll in one direction. Its head stay in position thanks to the magnets on the inside and outside of its body.

Body of the toy is made from a repurposed Tatooine model from an old Star Wars set which is perfectly rounded. The wheels for rolling head, magnets and other parts are salvaged from other kits which brings together this cool toy to life. It also has attachable Electric Zapper and Thumbs-up Torch arms. In total the BB-8 with Lego hand-cranked base is made from 180 parts.

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For now this BB-8 is just a one-off prototype and the good news is it could become a full-blown toy which is available for purchase. The project is up for support on Lego Ideas and it needs 10,000 supporters in total to get through in production lines to be an official Lego product. If it doesn’t, atleast you have the option to get a life-sized BB-8 droid this fall fora price tag of $180.

Via: ToyNews/Gizmodo



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