Want replica 3D printed AK47 gun or Halo 5 MA5D assault rifle?

DIY 3D printed assult rifle replicas

3D printed things are slowly taking precedence over currently used manufacturing techniques for good reasons. Guns are no exception in some instances where people have taken the onus of making deadliest weapons for themselves. Designer Sergey Kolesnik has made a 3D printed AK47 as a gift for the players of massive multiplayer survival game ‘Rust’ which is developed by Facepunch Studios in Walsall, UK. The gun is a replica of AK47 used in the game and Sergey has managed to emulate it perfectly into a real one. Apparently, Sergey himself played the game set up in a post-apocalyptic environment in which 300 players can play simultaneously.

The assault rifle has 21 parts in total, and to 3D print and put it together Sergey invested 40 hours. 3D model of the gun is designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. Paint job for the gun was undertaken by Sarah Wade who perfectly incorporated the rusted metal look. All the details and download files on making the AK47 replica gun are provided by Sergey on My Mini Factory.

3D printed AK47 gun_1

# 3D printed Halo 5 MA5D assault rifle

3D printed Halo 5 MA5D assult rifle

While on other part of the planet Reditt user Jermey Chang has created this amazing 3D printed Halo 5 MA5D assault rifle. The gun is made for Human vs. Zombies, a live action game where a team of Humans try and survive a Zombie apocalypse. This replica MA5D is made out of a Nerf Rayven blaster and has a functional telescope to catch any zombies in the crosshair. There are many exterior parts 3D printed separately using a Rostock Max V2 3D printer. It also has an Adafruit 128×64 pixel OLED screen lit with NeoPixel RGB LED.

3D printed Halo 5 MA5D assult rifle_4

Both these replica guns are really cool and this could be a good DIY project for the weekend if you have a good hand at 3D printing.

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