Charging cable that works for both Android and Apple devices

LMcable for Android and Apple devices

To be honest these days we are flooded with mobile devices primarily running iOS or Android platforms. These gadgets need to be charged and so you need a different set of charging cables for Android and iOS phones. That is until now. Seeing the utility of a charging cable that would work for both Android and iOS devices, a startup has created world’s first cable that charges all your Android/Apple devices. LMcable is a combination of lighting and microUSB cable, designed very elegantly to solve your woes of carrying multiple charging cables.

The project is up on Kickstarter and it is not surprising that funding goal has already been surpassed with almost a month more left. That shows how desperately all of need a multi-purpose charging cable for iPhone, iPad or Samsung phones for example. LMcable I designed keeping in mind data transfer speed and modern day need for fast charging. To ensure it is ultra-durable, the tangle-free cable is made from tin-plated copper wires.

LMcable for Android and Apple devices

Clearly people are flocking-in to fund this project and book their LMcable on Kickstarter, that is why all the initial early bird offers are exhausted and only a few slots are left. The best one, $21 pledge which will ensure you one LMcable in choice colors.

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