Leaked images show subtle improvements in Android N operating system

Android N operating system

After Android Marshmallow the next OS version of the most popular smartphone OS is going to be Android N. It I not known what that ‘N’ will exactly mean, but there are some leaked mockups of the real OS version that have been published by Android Police. They have the actual screenshots of Android’s next operating system, but for some reason they cannot release them. But mock-up are also good nobody’s complaining. They also claim that the new features in Android N may be changed or cancelled altogether as it is still in testing stage which is quite obvious.

Android N operating system comparison to Android M_1

The major changes include a restyled notification shade which will have more information than the Lollipop’s and Marshmallow’s notification area. There are going to be more quick settings with user interface having paginated style. In this new notification area editing the tiles is also going to be easier.

Other noticeable change that we might see in Android N are going to be in the quick setting panel which will have a sliding animation to reveal the full quick settings. As compared to Marshmallow the mockups clearly show the missing expandable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth button which shows all you available connections. There is a UI tuner button which is a clear indicator of UI tuner options to the main quick settings.

Android N operating system comparison to Android M

It is expected that we are going to see more of Android N in the coming weeks and months with which the picture will become clear on other UI settings of the OS.

Credit: AndroidPolice



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