DJI Phantom 4 is your intelligent robot off the ground

DJI Phantom 4 drone

Good news for drone flying enthusiast is just in as DJI has announced its new camera-equipped drone. DJI Phantom 4 has some major improvement on the Phantom 4 drone which was released six months ago at a price tag of $799. It looks much better and has a stronger shell made from magnesium core. The drone goes at a top speed of 44 mph in sports mode which is great for taking some breath-taking shots and even better, the maximum range has been doubled to 3.1 miles (5km). Thanks to the 5350 mAh battery the drone can fly for 28 minutes on one charge and with smart usage you can increase that time to 30 minutes easily.

DJI Phantom 4 makes a bold move towards automated flying with a range of sensors and software which gives it advanced collision avoidance capabilities. It is possible thanks to the two cameras in front and two at the bottom which feed the software with data. This software makes a 3D model of the real world and helps the drone navigate without bumping into obstacles. Also a range of ultrasonic sensors give it the stability needed in high octane action capturing sequences.

The new ActiveTrack feature is far better than Follow Me in the DJI Phantom 3. Just trace the subject on the screen and the drone follows it like a puppy while recording footage in 4K resolution. And that too while intelligently avoiding any obstacles in its way.

The new drone is a bliss for beginners who won’t have to do much to avoid their new drone from being wrecked due to their mistakes. Also DJI is pitching this drone as being more professional due to its autonomous features which allows you to do more while the drone does all the rest.

Obviously all these features are going to cost much more than DJI 3. To be precise DJI Phantom 4 will come at a price tag of $1,399. Pre-orders start now and the drone is promised to be shipped on March 15 2016.



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