Intricately detailed 3D printed Millennium Falcon you can also make

3D printed Millennium Falcon  replica

Star Wars Millennium Falcon spacecraft is so popular it has been replicated so many times I don’t even remember. There have been a handful we have done here, and there is one more to add to the list. This is a 3D printed Millennium Falcon by Gameboy who want you to also 3D print all the external and internal parts of this extremely detailed 1:34 scale model replica. To give you an idea of its detailing, the set is made from 236 different 3D printable parts and took almost 800 man hours to put together!

The reference for making this model were taken from Star Wars sketches and materials approved from Star Wars community which turned fruitful in the end. The scale model measures wide, 1000m deep and 244.46mm tall. There are secret compartments, cockpit, engine departments and ventilation systems to complete the set. To make it easy for budding fans, Gameboy has optimized all the designs for small 3D printers. They also say that it is going to take almost 2-3 months to 3D print the parts alone. Add another one month’s time to assemble it and we are talking about a seriously elaborate DIY project.

3D printed Millennium Falcon  replica_1

The time, effort and skill put into this Millennium Falcon set is other worldly and no doubt Gameboy is going to charge some token money for downloading the STL files for 3D printing. A mere $74.99 for it all, and in the end it will be worth every penny.

3D printed Millennium Falcon  replica_3

3D printed Millennium Falcon  replica_2

Via: 3DPrint



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