Marble Machine: Martin Molin’s musical instrument is beyond belief

Marble Machine muscial instrument by Martin Molin

How creative a musician can get? That question is just going to be answered and you’ll be amazed you stumbled on this piece of masterpiece. 33-year-old Swedish musician Martin Molin who is a member of musical band Windergatan has designed a wooden musical machine that’ll blow your mind away. It is not hard to believe that it took the musician almost two years to make this musical machine Molin calls as Marble Machine. Based on some clever engineering and perfectly timed motion of 2000 marbles inside its guts, this machine has drums, cymbals, snare and other musical instrument parts which play the sweet melody you hear.

Molin says that the machine follows the laws of physics and their falling on a particular instrument determines the sound they make. The main section of the wooden machine is a hand-cranked wheel which sends the marbles tumbling down in sync through the machine.

The machine uses 2000 marbles and complex engineering to create sweet melody

The musician is not stopping at this amazing feat which he almost gave up at a point in time due to the complexity and time required to put it all together. He is now planning to make a smaller version of Marble Machine which is more melancholic and will tour with Wintergatan starting this summer.

Anyways, Molin a bow from my side for creating this amazing masterpiece the internet is going to crazy over. In the meanwhile, enjoy the video transcripts of how Marble Machine functions and each of its section came to life.

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