$295 ErgoDox EZ keyboard won’t seem that pricy given its features

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When I first saw this $295 keyboard on Indiegogo, I had my doubts. But the more I learned about it the more I thought it was worth every penny. ErgoDox EZ mechanical keyboard can be labelled as the world’s most ergonomic keyboard that has been funded 179% of its original goal. Good news is, you should prepare yourself for this open source keyboard design which is easy to put together and tailor to your specific needs. It has two different adjustable wing pieces for resting your wrists and four metal legs which help in setting up the ergonomic position which is great for people like me who have to write a lot using the keyboard.

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The $295 price point is the most you’ll have to pay for this keyboard and of course you can go for the lower priced kits, but then you’ll have to assemble or solder it yourself. People with a good hand at electronics and soldering can certainly save $55 to $90 with that option. You can also upload you own configurations and news ways to setup the ErgoDox EZ keyboard.

ErgoDox EZ keyboard

There are 32 different layers to remap and you can also configure the key layouts to your liking. These can include dual function, media keys or even the emoji layout as the keyboard supports Unicode. There is also an option to operate the mouse from this keyboard with Media and Mouse layer which remaps your keyboard keys to be used a mouse cursor. You can also remap the layout to Dvorak or Colemak.

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The keyboard has a very firm tactile input and you configure that too to your liking. With those many options, ErgoDox EZ keyboard is a good computer peripherals to own, especially when your line of work demands ultra-customizable keyboard configuration.

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