Teenager builds CO2-powered three-wheeled scooter, and it’s quick

CO2 powered scooter

Three-wheeled foot scooters were known for their eco-friendliness until a Swedish teen created this carbon-dioxide powered scooter, and now this doesn’t look green at all. Taking nothing away from the kid, the CO2 powered scooter you can see zipping across the frame in the footage is made by attaching a pair of fire extinguishers to it, and this thing can really go fast, watch the video below.

The teenager from Dala-Jarna, Sweden has fixed two fire extinguishers to the back of his scooter, which also double as a seat for the rider. The scooter is just as ordinary at the outset, but as soon as the rider sits on the fire extinguishers, boom – they are set off and a long tail of CO2 emits out at a pressure propelling the scooter at astonishing speed.

Via: DailyMail



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