Bazooka like drone catcher shoots multiple ammos to neutralize perpetrators

SkyWall 100 drone catcher

Drones are everywhere these days, even places they are not meant to be or restricted by the authorities. There are strict laws in some states regarding where you can fly a drone, but if we saw from the perspective of authorities, keeping a watch on all rouge drones can be a real hassle. And when a drone in unauthorized area is detected the next task is to shut it down or bring it to a safe location. Adding to the list of drone catching equipment that we have seen in the last few months is this bazooka styled drone annihilator. OpenWorks Engineering have developed SkyWall 100 man portable drone defense system to keep highly sensitive areas secure from drones. The weapon can fire multiple shots, making it easy for one operator to disengage drones hovering in a single area.

Skywall 100 combines gas powered smart launcher and intelligent programmable projectile to make for a highly cost-effective way of dealing with drones. This shoulder-mounted cannon fires a drone catching net to a distance of 100 meters to neutralize any nimble drone like the latest DJI Phantom 3 drone. Shooting such great distance requires precision and therefore comes with an advanced scope which calibrates drone’s vector and distance.

Once the exact position is determined, the operator pulls the trigger and a missile like weapon shoots from the hose of this gun. The net deploys in mid-air and a net entangles drone in its claws. Next phase involves controlling drone’s descend to the ground with a parachute for identification of the perpetrator.

Via: AmmoLand



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