PillBox: World’s first modular pill dispenser for individuals and healthcare organizations

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Keeping a track of the right pills to take can be a bit of hassle for elderly who are suffering from multiple problems. Especially when it is about taking multiple pills at specified times of the day. To counter this problem, a Polish startup company dr Pocket has come-up with PillBox, a smart med dispenser which connects to your new age gadgets. The pill dispenser is unlike any other pill dispenser as it has a central control unit which needs to be filled with all the medicines, and it automatically dispenses the right pill at the right time.

USP of this pill dispenser is its ability to add modules to cater to your needs. Pillbox is connected with dr Pocket internet platform which provides you with all the information needed about the administered drug. All you have to do is scan the bar code reader on the medication and dr Pocket gives information about the way drug has to be used. Adding modular components to dispense medication that is temporary take a lot of your hassle away, and this is the world’s first medication dispenser with this feature.

Pillbox medication dispenser

The smart pill dispenser has successfully made it through to the production stage after Kickstarter funding and you can pre-order it right away. Options are plenty and as a base package you can get it for $499 with 3 modules. For the top model having 9 modules you’ll have to shell out $909. Clearly the former is a better option for individuals while the latter is tailor-made for hospitals, elderly care centers or other organizations providing healthcare.

Pillbox medication dispenser

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