YodelUP smart on-glove wearable for snow sport junkies

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For geeks who like to hit the snow-covered mountains in their winter sports gear, being connected to friends is a major priority. Obviously, for such people wearing a smartwatch or taking out their smartphone while in the middle of a run down on the slopes with the skies on is not a wise option. That is why a project is up on Kickstarter to make it ultra-easy to stay connected with friends and family without even taking out their phone. YodelUP on-glove smartphone connected wearable acts like your wrist-mounted walkie-talkie to communicate or control your music player while enjoying a good weekend trip to the ski mountains.

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You can put YodelUP right on top of your gloves and the wearable won’t come-off or break due to rigorous winter sports activity thanks to its shockproof body shell. To top it off, the wearable is waterproof, thereby making it idea for any kind of environment. Keeping in mind that the gadget is going to be used for hardcore sports activity, it comes with Walkie-Takie app dubbed Zello which helps you get in conversation with friends without the need to carry a separate radio caller.

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The smart wearable doe all other basic phone connected tasks such as taking-up calls or dialing calls. The device functions just like any other smartwatch with features like stopping/resuming music when you receive/make radio calls, receive phone calls/make phone calls.

YodelUP smartwatch

A quite useful gadget if you spend a lot of time in snowy mountains. For now the $97 pledge amount to book your YodelUP is all gone and the next minimum amount to book your on-glove wearable is $111 in any of the four color options. The shipping is promised by December 2016, just in time for the holiday season. The only hurdle so far is to get over the funding goal on Kickstarter.

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