Get your 3D printed nude mini-figurine to break the taboo

Firebox Nudee 3D printed nude selfie

3D printing is giving us options that we never had before. One of them is getting our faces 3D printed as a Star Wars Stormtrooper or superhero in a scaled down version one can keep on their desk. The idea is quite nifty and creates a memory that we’ll never forget. Now taking it a step further, British retailer is creating almost nude 3D printed mini-figurines, and they call it Nudee. The idea is to get your face 3D printed on one of the six body types; three for men and three for women. Practically speaking you have three body types to choose from and get your 7.8-inch 3D Printed figurine selfie, well an almost nude replica of yours.

Firebox Nudee 3D printed nude selfie

The drill is simple, you have to click a picture of your face front and side angle. Then choose your gender and the body type you want. The options are curvy, muscular or slim for body type. After uploading the picture you are done and within three to four weeks you’ll have an almost nude mini figurine of yours.

Mini-figurine is going to be in sandstone material so you’ll have to keep it away from water. All this is going to cost £149.99 (approx. $213 USD) apiece and if you are enticed by the idea, now is the time to click some pictures and get your 3D printed mini-figurine.

Firebox Nudee 3D printed nude selfie_2


Firebox Nudee 3D printed nude selfie_1



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